“Wholeness” is established by Wyman & Krize in year 2000. We focus to provide private session and certification courses of Usui/ Karuna Reiki and Crystal Layout Healing. In past years, we continue to expand our service and awareness. We have been going through many wonderful experiences, encountering a lot of like-minded friends and students. Wish you would also come and join us. We provide services in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei.

 "新心靈" 是由 Wyman & Krize 在2000年所創立的。我們重點是提供 西藏/ 臼井系靈氣和水晶排列療癒的個人咨商和證書課程。在過去數年, 我們持續擴展我們的服務和覺知。我們曾經通過很多奇妙的經驗,接觸很多志同道合的朋友和學生。期望你也會參與成為我們的一份子。我們在香港, 北京, 上海, 深圳, 台北提供服務。

Vision 願景:
WHOLENESS Co-creates Abundance in Life with Joy, Peace and Love  新心靈以喜悅,和諧及愛心共同創造豐盛人生
Mission 使命:
To provide simple, practical and effective transforming tools on body, mind & spirit 提供簡單, 實用又有效的身心靈蛻變工具
Value 價值:
Wholeness 圓滿
Our Services 我們的服務